Draw out your Goddess... An art class like no other!



Alice never draws a Phallus
She draws brazen women, with their chests on display
Strong minded females getting their own way
Controlling, in power and a stronger position
These painted girls have no inhibitions 
She’ll paint a girls private, most intimate crease
Her fem-porn portfolio never seems to cease
From backstreet, to office, to majestic palace
She’ll draw a conclusion, but never a phallus

She has painted the girls on all fours and in tails
Half naked in heels, on boats and on bales
Showing their weapons and prominent flesh
In swimwear, rags, or more glamorous dress 
In all positions, and some compromised 
Naked from neck, right down - beyond thighs
She has hinted often, but has never been so callous
No Alice has never painted a phallus

She has designs with intentions that always turn heads
Of goddesses comfortable on strangers beds
Never painted unwilling or under duress
But more often controlling and under-dressed
The sharp painted smiles hint animal strength
To entice gullible beings to come tame the wench
The girls portraits allure you without stress or fuss
But Alice will never ever draw a phallus.


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