Alice? Who the f**k is Alice?

Alice is the talent behind Malice Art & Design.


Over the last ten years she has honed her skills by producing ground-breaking work for a number of projects including tattoo design, signage, large scale murals, festival work and much more.

Due to popular demand, she has established Malice Art & Design where she can share her passion for creating daring, challenging and unusual  prints.

Alice's preferred materials are pen, pencils and paint on paper. She feels there's a certain authenticity involved in physically drawing and shading her pieces rather than relying on computers and software.

Alice lives by her belief that art is one of the truest forms of expression and so shouldn't be cheapened by becoming mass produced.  That is why all of her prints are limited edition - allowing her work to be both current and enduring simultaneously. 

Unafraid to push the boundaries with her work, Alice explores subjects that can border on the edge of taboo.

But if taboos can't be explored in art - then where can they?